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CHW participants who participate in the Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered webinar will have the:

1. Ability to explain the importance of genetic testing for inherited cancer risk and the type of information it can provide patients

2. Recite common misconceptions about genetic testing and inherited gene mutation

3. Describe the most common inherited mutation and the cancer they are associated with

4. List resources to help people find credible information about inherited cancer

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The "Skills to Increase Resource Capacity" webinar is for Community Health Workers/Promotores (CHW/Ps) and presented by Karen Harwood, MSW, CCM, SHRM, CP.

At the end of this training CHWs will:

1. develop knowledge of community/social services;

2. develop skills to improve patients/clients access to care by identifying and linking them to community resources;

3. Gain skills in managing patients/clients concerns and assessing opportunities for referrals to local service providers.

This training is eligible for 1 hour continuing education credit that can be used for certification and renewal purposes.

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This presentation will provide an overview of emerging technology in diabetes care and self-management. It will include a discussion of how devices and other technology can aid in optimizing diabetes outcomes, reducing diabetes burden, and mitigating the risk for acute and chronic complications.

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Community Partners:


  • NCRN
  • We are pleased to collaborate with CommHIT to increase the number of CHWs who have specialized training that promotes workforce and technology-baed approaches to improve community health.

  • Proud member and partner of the National Association of Community Health Workers.

  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Tobacco Free Florida
    Tobacco Free Florida