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Do you have one hour a month to help grow and improve the Florida Community Health Worker Coalition? If so, we invite you to become an active, involved member by joining one of our subgroups. Our subgroups work with FCHWC’s Board of Directors to advance the CHW professional. Subgroups meet via a conference call once every month.


    Nicola Chung |

    1. Website – expand the use and educate the full coalition on the website
    2. Explore the possibility of regional CHW Coalition meetings which would include educational events
    3. Develop marketing strategies and promote the Coalition


    Tonya Bell |
    Lisa Osborne Schueler, Ph.D.|

    1. Work with Florida Certification Board to roll out certification for CHWs
    2. Develop a Curriculum Bank to store all curriculum in one centralized location.
    3. Identify CHW Training Providers statewide
    4. Continue recruiting, welcoming, and mentoring new members
    5. Promote the CHW Census Survey and analyze data
    6. Develop workforce strategies to promote the CHW profession


    Karen Harwood|
    Judith Dunn |

    1. Continue to educate policymakers on CHW roles
    2. Encourage issuance of city/county proclamation recognition
    3. Address policy issues related to the potential for reimbursement for preventive services
    4. Develop and share policy toolkit with members electronically
    5. Form strategic alliances and align with legislative agendas


    Dr. Carolyn Tucker |
    Dr. Stella Nemuseso |

    1. Publish a CHW research compendium documenting Florida practice-based research
    2. Administer a survey to develop a uniform instrument to assess the practice of CHWs
    3.Create a CHW Research Advisory Group to research and evaluation CHW activities and solicit feedback from stakeholders
    4. Create a list of university-based professionals who can assist with evaluation plans for grant submissions and technical assistance for CHW-related research


The Subgroups are reflective of our diversity and breadth of professions, interests, and members.

To join a Subgroup:  click here

Community Partners:


  • NCRN
  • We are pleased to collaborate with CommHIT to increase the number of CHWs who have specialized training that promotes workforce and technology-baed approaches to improve community health.

  • Proud member and partner of the National Association of Community Health Workers.

  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Tobacco Free Florida
    Tobacco Free Florida